Coming Up – Food from down in the Holler.

In the next couple of days I will be preparing one of my favorite meals. In spite of the fact that the meal is ‘virtually’ meatless, this is not the meal for those looking to cut back on trans fats.

Down Home

This meal and some of its recipes are rooted in my Tennessee Appalachian heritage. This is what you fix when money is short and not much is left in the larder.

The meal consists of Parsley Potatoes, Kidney Beans, Wilted Lettuce, and Cornbread. I haven’t decided yet on dessert, but it will probably be Banana Pudding.

I will do a post on each of the dishes as I prepare them, except for the Kidney Beans (They come right out of a can and I add some bacon fat for better flavor).

Be prepared for some things that are different from what you might expect.  For example, our family recipe for Cornbread has neither flour nor sugar in it.  Some politically correct person might today praise it as gluten-free, but I really don’t give a darned about gluten or much of anything else that is currently “IN”.  I am all about texture and taste.

I hope you will find the posts interesting and tasty.


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